Louise Van den Plas et les débuts du „Feminisme Chrétien de Belgique".

Louise Van Den Plas And The "Feminisme Chretien De Belgique": The catholic feminist movement in Belgium owes a huge debt to Louise Van den Plas (1877-1968), who actually launched that movement in 1902, and started in 1905 the publication of the paper Le Féminisme chrétien de Belgique. The belgian movement felt strongly the influence of the French feminism of Marie Maugeret and Marie Duclos. Even so, it is much more politically minded, much more related to social and economic realities. The feminist movement of Louise Van den Pias was by no means the only one, but it gained more and more ascendancy over catholic and neutral feminists. The basic aim, of course, was the franchise. From 1912 onwards, the drive becomes stronger. The coming of the war explains a temporary lull, but when the war was over, Louise Van den Plas and her followers started again.