Editorial Procedures

The JBH subjects articles to double blind peer review (the author as well as the reviewers remain anonymous). We accept texts in Dutch, English, French and German. Authors themselves take care of the copy editing of their articles by a native speaker. This editing on style and grammar can occur after a final version of the article exists (meaning : after approval by the peer reviewers). A submitted article is reviewed by at least two reviewers. One member of the editorial board reads both the article and the reports. The author receives a synthesis of the reviews and comments by an editor in chief within (in principle) seven weeks. Three codes are possible. Code A means 'accepted providing minor adaptations', code B means 'accepted providing some thorough adaptations', and code C means 'rejected' (possibly also because 'unsuitable to the profile of the JBH'). The author can resubmit the adapted article. If the article reaches a unanimous code A, it is followed up by one of the editors-in- chief in preparation of the publication. The author always receives a final version of the proof for revision.