Het project tot omkoping van de Brusselse krant, "L'Emancipation", door het Belgische episcopaat in 1838.

How The Belgian Bishops Laid Their Hands On The Brussels Newspaper L'Emancipation: "Unionism" (the name of a political alliance between catholics and liberals) has been held by some to be a fundamental expression of "faith". Others look at that agreement as purely tactical. An episode in the history of the newspaper L'Emancipation goes far to lend credibility to the thesis of the purely tactical move. As a matter of fact, the catholic movement could boast only a very weak press in the years following 1830. Successive lost elections brought home to the bishops the importance of the political newspaper. This is the way they went to work, or at least the strategy they developped : one should bribe the journalists of a very important, widely-read (slightly left wing) paper, the Emancipation. Very cautiously and slowly, one would then modify the party line of the paper, bring it over to unionism, and eventually to the defence of Catholicism. That is what actually happened. The Emancipation became the great catholic paper up to the time that the Journal de Bruxelles was started (1840).